I wonder

If we can get the Presidential Candidates to do a drug test just before  (like minutes before) the debates. Like immediately before they walk out onstage. Each pees in a cup witnessed by the other and they hand the cups off to be tested. (Joe in a blue cup, Donne in red, of course). All testing witnessed and/ or performed by one representative each from each side. Announce the results after the introductions, just brfore the first question. Less than 10 minutes.

I mean, they have nearly instant pee tests that detect most classes of drugs,

It’s be interesting to see what they are on.

I’m bettin’ Biden is wired like a meth addict that just won the lottery. Trump. I dunno.

Of course, it’ll never happen though.

2 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Drug testing is REQUIRED for ANY job of repute these days. I had to submit to drug testing to enter the military, and at random for 21 years after that. Surely “Buzzed leadership is STUPID leadership” here! Why no drug test requirement?…

  2. Of course it won’t happen. The entire election show is political Kabuki theater BS designed to fool the gullible into believing that voting makes a difference. As Mark Twain famously stated long ago, if voting made a difference it would be made illegal. The outcome of this election was determined in 2020 when the left successfully stole that election and got away with it. There will never be another honest election in America as long as the current paradigm exists. No way are the criminals in power ever going to risk losing their grasp on power by allowing elections to actually influence results.

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