So now the question:

Since the first debate is over, I have several questions and observations:

Firstly, Trump at least looked lucid. Biden much less so. Trump looked competent, Biden did not. Trump was himself, both good and bad. Biden looked like a pathetic, senile, weak old man who couldn’t keep his thoughts together. Even the Media can’t fail to admit this. They are admitting it this morning.

So who are the DNC folks gonna run instead of him?

Second, Trump, while he acquitted himself well, (or at least better than Biden) still showed his same behavior. Will that be enough to keep the people who dislike him from voting for the man with all his faculties vs the man who is senile but wears the DNC mantle despite his failure to show he is fit for any leadership role?

I do think that Biden showed his inability to be the current president, much less the NEXT president. I think many folks, after watching the debate, are wondering who exactly is at the helm of the country RIGHT NOW

We have, at best, a pair of elderly men. One well past his ability to lead and another likely approaching that stage. Do we really want either of them?

ETA:&:38 AM Central: Gail King, of CBS, just said “We need to take his keys away”. Wow. They actually used the words “Step Down” as regards Joe Biden.

Of course, one wonders if all of this is scripted, and they are trying to sell us someone else,….


2 thoughts on “So now the question:

  1. My bet’s on Newsom with Big Mike as VP for the DNC.

  2. hillary… and i’m with trump jr that they planned it like this. too many die hards coming out today calling for him to step down. i expected them to rail about how well joe did and how he beat trump like a red headed step child.

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