I think the debate was bad in another way

For the DNC types, and their lapdogs the Media. (But I am repeating myself)

We’ve been told, over and over again, by the DNC spokesweasels and by the CNN/NBCSN/CBS/ABC etc that Biden was fully cognizant and his falling and wandering and such were always explained away with some excuse or another….. But this time the world, the American People, got to see the terrible display of senescence and cognitive decline on full display. They can no longer hide it, and in displaying it, they broke their credibility with yet another segment of the American People,….and that loss of credibility is in the segment of voters they needed to win over.

The question now comes also: Is Joseph R Biden competent to stand as President?  He was adjudged as not competent to stand trial over the Classified Document thing, but that was quickly buried. And now, despite juicing him to the eyeballs for the debate, he fell apart halfway through. His Cognitive Decline is apparent. Who is running the show? Even diehard DNC voters are asking this question today. (I witnessed it myself, a staunch Democrat voter, good Union Man…voted as the Machine told him, questioning things today. He would not have done so yesterday. Still won’t vote for Trump, mind you, but his faith in the Party is shaken….badly. ), He isn’t sure if he can believe what they tell him now, nor the folks at his preferred news outlet, CNN. He isn’t sure what to think now, his world is broken. And he’s rather upset about it.

I doubt he is the only one either.

2 thoughts on “I think the debate was bad in another way

  1. Yes….the charade is falling apart. Won’t change anything. The left is in power and there they will stay. By whatever means necessary. I suspect they will replace Pedo Joe as candidate, probably at the “convention” next month. I suspect their pinch hitter will be Kali’s POS governor Grabber Nuisance. The man who took Kali’s 100 billion surplus and turned it into a massive deficit. Who is also distantly related to Nancy PeeLousy.. You can bet the DNC has a plan. What it is we shall see, soon. And they have probably been working on their plan B for a long time.

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