As Tractor Supply goes the way of Target

and possibly even Bud Light…

Customers furious after Tractor Supply’s  upper management’s Woke agenda, promoting DEI and LGBTQ+ agendas got exposed to the light. 

Someone in that company finally got a ticket on the Clue Bus, and decided that they would announce (but we shall see if they actually follow through) that they were ending all the DEI and Pride initiatives in the corporate headquarters…..Not because they think they are a bad thing, but because their core customer base is willing to shop elsewhere, even if it means a longer drive, rather than support a company that supports the Woke agenda. I will believe that Tractor Supply has changed their ways when they fire the President and CEO and the head of HR and all their staff……until then it is just words.

Have you noticed that all of these “Woke” presidents/CEOS/HR gurus all seem to be about the same age, plus or minus a few years? One wonders just exactly what made them all Woke. Was it a teacher, a class, a lecture, what? They all had to have been programmed at nearly the same time, as they are all of similar age

I like this quote:

LGBTQ+ people live in every zip code in this country, including rural communities,” HRC’s Bloem said in an emailed statement. “We are shoppers, farmers, veterans and agriculture students. Companies from every industry work closely with us to be sure their employees and customers are respected, valued and can get the job done for their workforce and shareholders.”,….Note that the presidents of these companies are willing to anger their core customer base in order to pander to a demographic that overall, is less than 2% of the population….and I would bet that it is much less in rural areas…..I mean, most LGBTQRD+TMSPL people are concentrated in larger cities and towns, rather than spread across the rural landscape. Yet these CEO’s just have to push the Agenda. I just wonder how they got so indoctrinated that they are willing to throw their careers away with such poor decisions in order to push the Woke agenda. Especially these Johhny-come-latelies that have to know what pushing such an agenda will do to their companies and their carreers……and how their customers will react.

Yet they do it anyway. Why?

9 thoughts on “As Tractor Supply goes the way of Target

  1. The George Floyd Drug Overdose celebrations was a huge power grab for the Leftists.
    Simmpy spineless CEOs jumped on the DEI bandwagon.
    Chickens are coming home to roost

  2. There are years between being at university and being a CEO. While formal education has influence, I say it it Black Rock, or whoever is pushing ESG.

    Students of various backgrounds at various universities do have differing opinions.
    (Let’s ignore the push for collectivism for now )

    It is only when they coalesce in the boardroom that they move as one.

    RE: the collective mindset pushed in the education system. Who are the most aggressive, the most rancorous? The liberal art majors. Hardly the more serious student such as those desiring to become medical doctors or business executives.
    This is not to say they are completely isolated, but that they are not so inured in the Marxist ideology.

    The boardroom has much more influence. To get control of a board is to get control of a company. To reiterate, it is Black Rock and the ESG.

    • See, I think otherwise. I believe that it was a lecturer or some other influence. They all are nearly the same age, and all are business types.
      Much like the communist influencers in Cambridge and other british schools in the 50’s that produced all the british spies, I believe there was an influence that made for all these ESG converts. They have to be smart enough to know what will happen, but they do it anyway. One would ask why? I doubt if BlackRock influences them enough to commit career suicide.

      • It’s okay. We agree that something is wrong, it is big, it is tenacious.

        But ‘wrong’ depends on what side you’re standing. Just as much as career suicide.
        Wrong for the country, but not wrong for the few. Proving loyalty to their masters is not career suicide. Not yet.

        • “Proving loyalty” got Alissa Heinerscheid fired and no one will touch her now, even after a year or more. Also cost her boss his job, and a few others as well. It was, indeed, career suicide. I doubt of Starbucks will hire her as a barista at this point.

          It also cost the company BILLIONS of dollars directly, and the distributors and THEIR employees even more.

          • In the aftermath, AB top execs stated they had no foreknowledge of what she was up to..
            Leaving aside that such a statement refects poorly on top execs, it seems that what she had done was not good for the team.

            By AB’s silly ideology, she had done right. But she had done so outside the scope of top execs. It could be said she was passionate to please her masters. But it put them in a tight spot. The collective demands strict unity. Free association not allowed. She broke that dictum.

            I can well imagine doing the right thing, but not running it through corporate would incur problems.
            She did right but the wrong way.

            That brings to mind the element of time. Doing the right thing but at the wrong time may also have injurious effect.
            But this is outside our current discussion.

  3. I’m reworking the adaptor connectors on the 3pt hitch (they make it a lot less of a hassle to connect to tools on the back) and I need some 3/8x 3/4 bolts and another C-clamp. T/S is on the way, but ours is always out of things -and always changing personnel since the new manager came in last year.
    I’ll drive the extra 5 miles to HD for what should be there.

    I’d stop at the local Do-it-Best, but they went out of business about three weeks ago.

  4. Tractor Supply has been on a down hill slide for a while. They hired a bunch of know-nothings who can scan a barcode, but not much else. The ones who work at the Tractor Supply near me do not even know what the different categories of 3-point hitches are, I kid you not. They have lots of glitter tee-shirts and pink cowboy boots for sale though. The last time that I got another bag of moldy feed there was the last time that I ever went there. Idiots!

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