The question everyone should be asking

(Putting the question of why haven’t Congress used the 25th Amendment long ago, and where have the RNC types been  regarding Biden’s mental state for all this time?)

No matter if you are a DNC type, an RNC follower, or (and most especially) a member of the press, This should be the question that should be asked over and over and over:

WHO IS LEADING THE COUNTRY?  Who, exactly, is making the decisions? I have had my doubts about Mr. Biden for a while, but the debate shows that they are not unfounded.

Who is doing the job of President? It certainly isn’t Joe Biden. He has shown himself incapable of that. As Special Counsel Robert Hur stated, and everyone (Democrat, Republican and the press) ignored, He is “A Confused and Absent-Minded Old Man”….The Debate showed this to be true.

So who is our President?

(and a  corollary to that: why are all the people in the White House (and, for that matter the House and Senate) allowing whoever is making the decisions and speaking for Joe Biden to continue to act, unelected and un-appointed? Is this not treason?


One thought on “The question everyone should be asking

  1. I would venture a guess, based upon his Executive Oder’s that his friend former president obama and cronies are running the Presidency behind the scenes. Brandon certainly isn’t.

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