Watching the “News”


They are REALLY pushing the whole “Climate Change” thing lately. It must be the cause of the wildfires, and the cicadas, and all sorts of other things…even the “increase” in shark attacks on US beaches.

Because some dude they claim is a “Climate Change Expert” (what is that, what’s his background? How did he become an “expert”?) says so.

5 thoughts on “Watching the “News”

  1. Watching “the news”? Oh, my dude, why, oh, why are you doing that to yourself?
    My doctor tells me that I should not pressure test my coronary arteries so vigorously, and so I stopped that foolishness.

    • Small doses only…

      I like to see what the official DNC narrative is for the current day.

    • Apparently “Climat Change” screws up the cues they use to know when to emerge or something.

  2. So when are all the rich going to sell their beach front homes

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