Exactly what is wrong in Blue Sanctuary Cities:

 It would seem that the Mexican election caused traffic issues in Chicago, as tens of thousands of Mexicans lined up to vote in the Mexican elections at the Mexican Consulate on Ashland Avenue.  (and, one might ask, why the Mexican government doesn’t let them vote by Mail In Ballots but rather forces them to show up in person (and with ID)?) 

One might ask why tens of thousands of Mexican citizens are living in Chicago.

One might also ask how man are here in this country legally?

The thing is, if you are a “Migrant”, be it legal or not, then you are no longer a part of the country you came from. Or, if you want to remain a citizen of your birth country, then stop taking benefits from mine, where you are simply a guest, not a migrant.


The fact that this sort of shit can happen is shameful. But that’s what the Liberals have created.