But B: What about the fact that Trump has been convicted on 34 counts? Doesn’t that change your mind?

No, because you assume that the court was impartial and legitimate.

I don’t think that either is true.

That’s the worse part of the whole debacle: They’ve taken away the shroud of decency, impartiality and legitimacy from the courts, just like the elections.

Not a Fan of the Donald, but he’s been screwed by the DNC and the democrat prosecutors.

I don’t,, not for one minute, think that the court was impartial, nor that the charges are valid nor true. Further, I think the court has shown itself to be one sided…and crooked. …there is no “Blind Justice” here, only Lawfare.  The outcome of the court was preordained…the judge very obviously tipped the scales against him.

This verdict, like the last one with E. Jean Carroll, only helped to polarize things even further. Those who hate him, hate him even more, those who thought well of him, now see him as a martyr. Few people, Trump fans or not, missed the obviously stacked court and the ever changing rules of Law that were used against him. Unless you are a victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome, that verdict and how it got there have to make you feel uncomfortable and unsure of the impartiality and fairness of our courts.

So no, the verdicts did not change my mind.

At least not about Trump.



2 thoughts on “But B: What about the fact that Trump has been convicted on 34 counts? Doesn’t that change your mind?

  1. Trump may be convicted of a felony in a kangaroo courtroom but Joe Stupid was found unfit to stand trial.

  2. Trump convictions have no bearing on how effective Biden is doing his job. DO WE WANT JOE BIDEN TO CONTINUE TO RUN (RUIN ?) THE COUNTRY FOR 4 MORE YEARS OR NOT ?

    Gotta admit – the convictions are talking away talk of Biden’s crappy job on foreign affaris (we gonna have a new war before November ? Joe’s doing his best ! I understand Unkraine president Zwelinkski was able to postpone their election because election took too much time away from that from occrring.

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