I overheard folks talking Sunday while I was out having breakfast…

They theorize that the intent is to get Trump into a New York jail cell….Remember, that is where Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself…Under the protection of the New York City Department of Justice…..


If they can get to Epstein in jail they can get to Donald Trump as well. Think about that.

‘Twas pointed out that no one was ever convicted of the murder of Epstein, and no one was ever punished for letting it happen,….(failing to monitor the in-cell videos, failing to do the physical checks of the cells, etc). (also, that no one was ever convicted of abusing these young girls, either). Of course, Epstein was no George Floyd …..

Just sitting there listening¬† to what they were saying in the booth behind me was enlightening…

After a bit of consideration, I feel that this is not an unreasonable thought: Epstein had dirt on many rich and powerful people. Videos and photos of those men (and some women) with young girls…

Trump is as hated and reviled in some circles and as feared (if not for the same reasons) as Epstein.

It is not unreasonable to believe that the folks in power want to get Donnie into a Jail cell so they can “Epstein” him.

The really sad part is that (not all that) long ago, such thoughts would be ludicrous: anyone voicing such would be thought crazy and ridiculous,,,,, but today, they are not. 


4 thoughts on “I overheard folks talking Sunday while I was out having breakfast…

  1. It is extremely dangerous for trump to be in a NY prison. He would be murdered and made to look like suicide.

    • We never thought he’d be tried, nor would they be so blatant in tipping the scales of justice, either…..

  2. i think they never planned on jailing him, but the huge counter reaction has forced their hand, thinking that will finally end his campaign. they are wrong, again. if they don’t jail him, watch out. that means the assassination is already in the works. i don’t think they dare epstein him in jail, but either way he becomes a martre. some say that is the plan, then martial law, collect the guns etc. possible, but i just think they are so full of themselves they think we’ll take it again. everything has it’s limit. we are at ours. they will be wrong again, again.

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