Well, it isn’t like we didn’t already know

But now we have the confession:

REVEALED: Dr. Anthony Fauci confesses he ‘made up’ covid rules including 6 feet social distancing and masking kids

Masks that didn’t work, “Social Distancing” of 6 feet (actually was originally 3 ft/1 meter in europe (also without any studies or reason)) …..keeping kids out of school,…..Restaurants where one had to wear a mask to get to the table, but then no mask required while sitting at the table………all just made up from bullshit. All the restrictions they placed upon us and our society. For essentially nothing, with no reason to believe that any of it would be effective.

How much economic and social damage did these rules do to our society? How much damage did the bullshit do to our kids, to their social skills and to their schooling? How many people lost their livelihoods over these restrictions?

Many of us said, back then, that Fauci and his ilk were just making it up as they went along. But, hey, we got all those tik-Tok nurses dancing when they told us how overworked the medical professionals were and all that, so it wasn’t a total loss…..But they were lying to us from the start. Many of us suspected, but could never prove it. They controlled the data.

Now we know. They should be imprisoned for the damage they caused.

I await the confession that they knew that t the “Covid Shots” were useless too, and I’d like to see how much of a kickback Fauci and others got from Pfizer and the other Big Pharma providers.

If it were up to me he’d be stood up against a wall and shot, no blindfold, no cigarette. Just a bullet to the chest and an unmarked grave.

ETA: After thinking it over: Well, maybe a small marker, if only so we’d know where to urinate…


ETA (Monday): Then there’s this report on how much money was flowing to him and his compatriots……

4 thoughts on “Well, it isn’t like we didn’t already know

  1. You are too kind Mr. B.
    If it were up to me he would get the same Sand Flea treatment he subjected those poor Beagle pups to, minus the vocal chord cutting.
    And then left to rot on the floor.

  2. Traitors should be sealed in a block of epoxy resin. After it hardens, the block should be polished and put on display in the Hall of Traitors.

  3. toss in that he did a study on the 1918 spanish flu that determined that masking killed more people than the flu. so he KNEW masking was bad. did you hear about the orphans he used as test subjects back in the day? that man is evil.

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