Today is Marvin Heemeyer day

In fact, this is the 20th anniversary of the day he decided he had enough of overbearing and unfair cronyism government, and took action.  (note that this is Wikipedia, so it is biased, but the basic facts are more or less true)

He was the worst type of lawbreaker: A citizen who had simply had enough and decided to take action, not caring if he came out the other side intact or not. Can’t be stopped, can’t be negotiated with, can’t be coerced…Just revenge. The kind of person that strikes fear in the heart of police and governments

After many issues, and getting screwed over and over by the town government of Granby, Colorado, he decided to take action.

He bought a large bulldozer, spent weeks modifying it using sheets of steel to armor the engine, drivetrain, and the cab area:

On June 4th, 2004, He decided it was the time: he lowered the armor over the cab with a crane, with no way to remove it, trapping himself inside…..He had no plans to survive.


He then systematically began destroying certain properties in the town, each owned by some of the town councilmen , the police department and others with whom he had a grudge.

Eventually, he trapped himself and his dozer. in the rubble….and since he had no way out and no recourse, he shot himself.

I admire him, in some ways.

Hoist the flag, slit some throats and just take revenge. It’s a place I fear many of us will be soon. At some point, when people no longer give a shit, or have nothing to lose, they become the most dangerous. Mr. Heemyer reached that point.


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