Help Aaron win a plane:

Aaron of the Shekel needs to win himself a plane. He really wants to win the L-39 they are giving away at Like, he’d maybe not kill someone (maybe?) to win, but he would maim them…or at least cause a permanent injury.

And you can help him win:

All we need is proof of purchase of a can (or cans) of Liquid Death products. Each can is an entry. Simply a photo of your receipt.

I’ve tried the Liquid Death products and they aren’t bad. I like their plain canned “Artesian” water best, but others might like some of their flavored waters or their iced teas. The canned plain water should last forever in your preps if you are into prepping…..Just sayin’.

So here’s the deal: If you will buy a can or a case or an 8 pack or whatever, and email me a picture of the receipts, I will get them to Aaron and he can text those pictures to the contest and maybe win. There is a limit of 400 entries per person, so if each of my viewers buys one can each then we are about halfway there. Email receipts to me at TheMiddleoftheiright (at) Gmail (dot) com, or text it to my disposable cell phone number I set up at {2 one 9) – 2 six 5 – 3 wun 3 three, I will forward them to him and he can maybe win his jet. Worth a try.

You can find out where to buy Liquid Death products here. 

Wal-Mart carries it. Most liquor stores carry it too.

Aaron is a decent guy who has dealt with a lot this past year or so, and done so uncomplainingly. He loves to fly and he wants to win this jet, so please, help me help him win it.

Thanks in advance for this.

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