So 2500 illegal border crossing a day is acceptable..

But more than that, and Biden’s executive order on border control then shuts down the border and any additional illegal crossers get tossed back over the border.

Odd, innit, 2500 per day is acceptable to the left, but more than than isn’t. 75 thousand illegals a month is ok with him and the DNC.

And let’s not forget, he claimed he couldn’t do even this much 2 years ago and blamed the Republicans for not funding or something that prevented this exact same sort of law…. When he had the executive power to stop the hundreds of thousands per month from getting into the country. He was lying then, and the Leftists and the Media are not pointing that out.

The lying here is horrendous, the worst part is that the media and his supporters are letting him get away with the lies, and they aren’t still upset that each day there are STILL 2500 people entering illegally that get temporary asylum (but are moved into the interior and never followed up on, so they become de-facto illegal immigrants anyway….)

Of course the election is coming near, so he’s gotta sorta try to look tough. But this is half-hearted at best.

7 thoughts on “So 2500 illegal border crossing a day is acceptable..

  1. The get aways will be in the 10’s of thousand a day. Pedo joe will tell the B.P. not to do anything but process the 2500 and don’t talk to any media that is not on his side.

  2. Will shut down the border crossings AT THE BRIDGES. Will same stoppages happen at Rio Grande River crossings in the boonies or New Mexico – Arizona overland crossings ? I don’t see how – Please explain how that will be done Hjomeland Security.

    • According to Wikipedia, there are at least 50 border bridges between San Diego California and Brownsville Texas (entire border shared with Mexico). 2500 persons a day is 50 crossers per bridge.

      Or is it 2500 per crossing facility ? I don’t know.

  3. they just fly them in directly now anyway. smoke and mirrors, ignore the man behind the curtain.

  4. But that’s 2500 on a 7 day average! They won’t shut down the border, they will just count them more earnestly.
    So if in 7 days they average 2500: then that means on some days more than 2500 will be let in.
    And then the 8th day comes along; they will still let in …how many….they will have to do the math and see what the average is from the previous 6 days.
    Then how about the 9th day and then the 10th, the 11th, etc, etc, wash and rinse.
    So what will happen is that some days conceivably 7500 could be let in and the next couple of days only 1000 or less.
    The devil is in the details so don’t think for a par-sec that “only” 2500 are getting in per day.

  5. CBP misses 95% of illegal crossings in the first place.

    Saw that 24/7/365 x 5 years firsthand.

    CBP numbers make phrenology and divination seem like scientific pursuits, by contrast.
    They can report whatever numbers officially they like, because no one’s doing actual field research to keep them honest.

    You could, for example, watch one county, and compare actual numbers with reported numbers, and you’d find their info was less accurate and truthful than the nonsense from the Globull Warmist Religionists.

    In point of fact, at least 1-2M illegals crossing into the U.S. have never even been noticed nor reported by CBP, over and above any number of crossings and apprehensions they reported, every year since 1965.
    The last two years, double or triple that. At minimum.

    You’re being replaced.
    Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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