Sad, really sad.

You may have noticed  (or not,) that I pulled Phil’s blog from my blogroll…. It was under the label “Bustednuckes”.

Sadly, Phil became less prolific of a poster and allowed some other dude with the handle “CederQ” to post….and he has become increasingly racist in his posting.

Now, we all have issues with how things are going, and how other races live their lives. We all make jokes and point out issues with them. I get that. However: “Hate Speech” is pretty had to define, but there is a point where that line is definitely crossed. “CederQ” has crossed over and over and is proud of it. Emails with Phil have shown that he supports, or at least won’t stop, the hateful, racist postings.

I can’t condone them, and believe in a community policing itself, even the Blogger community.

So I have pulled my links to his blog, as I don’t, in any way, care to be associated with such hateful speech that CederQ posts and Phil apparently condones or is too afraid of CederQ to stop. Either way, I don’t condone it.

I find it sad, as I once respected Phil as a hard working dude whos values were similar to mine…Never met him but would have liked to have a beer with. Now, not so much.

There’s a line that just plain shouldn’t be crossed. They keep stepping over it defiantly.

Free speech and all that, Phil’s blog, his rules. But I can’t condone what they post, so I gotta distance myself.



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  1. I dropped him a long time ago. And yes, that is ‘bad’… sigh

  2. I’ll read Phil’s blog Thank you , you’re , not so much.

    • Your choice.
      If you approve of what he’s been posting, then don’t let the internet hit you on the ass on the way out.

  3. Yup, he is getting a bit strident of late. His heath problems probably contribute to that. That said, I can enjoy some of the blog that appeals to me and ignore the rest. I also think that there is a place for some of the divergent views, Comrade Misfit being a daily read for me.
    Ole Grump.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also had the same reaction this AM when I previewed that post. I dropped him post haste.
    Yes, there is a time for discussion. There is a time for presenting your opinion. But, his discussion was never really a two way street. I ran into his hatred on another blog when I posted something contrary to his opinion. I never went back to that blog either.
    Yeap, he pushed the envelope and now he has to reap the consequences. Kinda like he was telling everyone else to do.

  5. I dropped David Drake several months ago for his hatred and I’m probably going to pull the plug on Phil.

    • You dropped me because you disagreed that I am critical of Israel indiscriminately and targeting the bombing and killing of Gaza civilians and humanitarian aid workers. I don’t care that you dropped me – but tell the reasons why.

      • You have each had your say here, but stop…. My comments are not where this argument gets to take place.

        • I don’t feel my reply to Kurt is inappropriate, I appreciate you publishing it, but I’m not going to let it go undefended. I would think you’d ideally do the same. Nothing further to add, Kurt is welcome to bring his views to my attention at my spot. I’ve never not published his comments.

          • No, it wasn’t inappropriate. But MY comment section is not where that argument gets to take place. Since I let him comment, I let your rebuttal post as well. Fair is fair and all that.

            But If y’all want to take this further, do it elsewhere .

  6. Well aren’t you just the last word in virtue signalling! Let us have no truth bombs going off in YOUR lap, eh?

    No one’s gonna miss you either, B. In fact, I’ll cancel you right back. Up yours, retard.

    • I’ll take your leaving as a badge of honor.
      It ain’t virtue signaling, it’s objecting to shit that is just plain wrong. Even you never plumbed those depths of racism.
      So I take it you approve of what he posts?

      • Annnddddd once again, the attitude of “I’ll take my ball and go home”.
        Amazing, how questioning someone just pops their balloons. And brings out their 2nd grade taunts.
        Glad you did it B. You rock.

  7. Funny. I read your blog every day even though I don’t always agree with you. I also used to read BN every day, but I quit a few days ago, for the same reason you did. Life is too short to put up with that. I enjoyed the humorous memes, but I don’t want to have to wade through a sea of racist BS for them.
    And you’re right,it is sad. But I’ll get over it.

  8. Everyone has the right to say it. Everyone has the right to ignore it. The blogosphere has created a peculiar bent of an isolationist attitude.

    ‘My blog, my rules’ is the penultimate ‘take your ball and leave’. I’m not judging, it’s just the way it is. Both sides of the issue have merit.

    But while everyone is picking sides*, we should wonder what is the impetus.

    * The 44th president is well established in his desire to fracture the U.S. into diverse groups and to foment division and enmity between those groups.
    It may seem absurd to think the aforementioned has any connection to this current subject, but is it?

    We’re being whittled down, or at least feeling that way. This is, of course, intentional. Many people are acting out in response to the burdens, of which just one is the injustice so rampant in most facets of society.

    Or maybe that’s too cerebral to consider. It is easier to not concern oneself with what led another to do what the had done.

  9. I am not suggesting group hugs and therapy sessions. I am saying there is danger in dividing one against another.

    In battle, Id prefer the man I cannot stand but is a valuable asset on the field. Most people know we are in a battle.

    • Have you looked at his site and the “White” series?

      Would you link to that? Especially #1 in the last set?

      ‘Tis over the top. I’d not trust this CererQ dude at my back. His postings go to show his character. Phil’s acceptance/approval shows character as well. To ally oneself with such people is to sup with the devil.

      • Only infrequently do I go to BK. I may have seen the post in question. I scroll past a lot. I like the posts on trains and trucks.

  10. Someone Saying what anyone Watching would reasonably think just can’t be tolerated.

  11. You imping my character and then accuse me of supping with the devil. I was supping with the devil, I am sure my character would not be an issue. I am glad you live in the fantastic fairy tale of equality and kumbaya singing B. I am sure some of us can’t reach the heights you can attain, closer to God and such. But not everyone is equal, I certainly can’t afford a twin engine aeroplane. Suppose you let me fly, equality and all, I have a sailplane license, though I haven’t flown for over 30 years.

    I am positively sure you are not going to post this or delete it quickly. You ever serve, see combat? I have and believe me you want me at your back and by your side. You are welcome to comment at Bustednuckles, I don’t hold a vicarious grudge. I suggest you unhood your eyes, you are not flying IFR, it is a VFR milieu and the barbarians are truly at the gates and the lock just broke

    • You got your say. You racist pig. You hadda keep posting racist (and not funny) shit, and now you are upset with the fallout?
      Stuff it. You and Phil have shown your colors. I wish no part of you. Going out of your way to post vile disgusting things like that just to be disgusting.
      I find it funny that you object so mightily to MY free speech, but cannot defend your actions. I never said you couldn’t post, just that I wouldn’t be a art of yours.

      I’d not want you at my side. Your character is lacking , your judgement is poor, and your attitude towards others shows your morals.

      And, BTW, the term is “Impugning”.

      If you’d made better choices, perhaps you could own an airplane.

      You stay on your side, I will stay on mine. I am disgusted by the two of you for what you post. I wish no part of you.

  12. With all due respect, you pulled the plug when BN was racist but not when they were sexist? BN consistently post memes portraying women as bad and putting them down and that was okay with you? Racism is your line in the sand but sexism is okay? You might want to reevaluate your standards. Some animals are more equal than others…

    • I pulled the plug when they implied that jesws, blacks, latinos, etc were less than human,
      I did NOT do so when they made jokes about the stupid behavior of the above.
      At no point did I see them say women were subhuman, Sexism isn’t the same thing at all. And I never really thought their postings were sexist, to be honest

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