Have ya ever noticed:

That even though “women can do anything men can!” and they think that they should get the same pay for working the same hours….

It’s always the men working at the home improvement stores that do the stocking of the heavy items and always the men who bring in the carts and always the men who stock the lumber and always the men who do the loading (for women customers) of the softener salt and the landscape blocks and any other heavy item….while the women just do the cashiering…

Odd, innit, that this separation of work happens even though “EQUALITY!”

3 thoughts on “Have ya ever noticed:

  1. Have ya ever noticed as well, that Hollyweird is pushing really hard to make people believe that women can do anything men can, and BETTER? Aside from getting tired of all the “girl boss” programming, I just have to wonder how braindead a person has to be to believe that a 120lb WOMAN can prevail against a MUSCULAR 200lb+ MAN in a sword fight. I’m not talking “Three Musketeers.” I’m talking “Vikings.” I’m talking “pirates.” I’m talking cutlasses and battleaxes. In WHAT reality can a woman prevail here? In what reality can most women even LIFT these weapons? It seems people don’t want reality anymore, but fantasy.

    I was in the military for 21 years. I saw, time after time, the females given a pass when they couldn’t accomplish something that they were REQUIRED to do; something that, if the men couldn’t accomplish, would get them discharged. “Fair” went out the window DECADES ago…

    • Tom asks, In what reality?
      The reality Sam Colt created.

      Other than that, very few women can compete with men in the physical arena.
      That number is far fewer than what the socialists are wishin an a hopin.

      • I have found myself in situations with these types of women sometimes and find it quite enjoyable to steer things around so that they are forced into a physical situation. Sometimes they are smart enough to recognize and not put themselves in the situation, sometimes they are able to struggle through and make it happen, but half the time they attempt and fail. It’s glorious to behold.

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