’tis funny

Those that use the “I can post anything I want because Free Speech!”  argument then  get all butthurt when someone uses Free Speech to criticize what they post. Sad they can’t see that.

It shows their low intelligence and lack of understanding.

It isn’t, as they claim (and they always fall back on that defense, don’t they?)  “Virtue Signaling”, I simply find it disgusting and insulting to those black, hispanic, and jewish folks that I know.

I object to the implication that my friends are subhuman.

‘Cause that is what they (ceder) and their supporters are saying.

5 thoughts on “’tis funny

  1. I have embraced it from a different angle… It’s not the individual I’m describing, it’s their actions.

  2. Lots of people love freedom….till someone uses freedom to do something they don’t like. We are a clever species, not an intelligent one. And many of us are our own worst enemies.

    • All for freedom, doesn’t mean I have to support ideas or opinions that I disapprove of. I get to state my disapproval.

      That too is freedom.

  3. Too many people don’t get the concept of freedom of speech. It is to protect the speech you find most offensive.

    It gives you the right to say it. Not to be heard. I have every right to refuse to listen or read whatever filth you spew.

    We do not have to provide a platform or access in our private property for you to utter bigoted hateful speech.

    You did right B.

  4. From a very long time ago in middle school… one of my lessons came from one of the teachers (not in the classroom): “You do not have the right to not be offended”….
    Also: “You cannot just lay down until it all goes away”
    Smart man.

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