“OMFG it’s hot!!!”

“Dangerous Heat” ….95F

Heh, I can remember stacking hay bales on a wagon as they came out of the baler in this kind of heat. All friggin’ day long,,,no shade besides a hat. ., I’ve worked in worse and will likely do so again.

Lots of people work in this heat and humidity. Part of living most places in the US. Here in the midwest, from Texas to Minnesota, from Nebraska to Ohio, it’s called “:Summertime”

This isn’t Climate Change” it’s “Summer in the Midwest”. Hot weather, but, let’s face it, that’s the seasonal part of where we live.

95 degrees is what happens in summer, and it isn’t all that unusual.

But the Media makes it seem as it this is some sort of strange,, record breaking heat.

And it ain’t dangerous unless you are stupid.

7 thoughts on ““OMFG it’s hot!!!”

  1. Stacking the bales wasn’t near as much fun as putting them up in the hayloft. Did both starting from age 12, until I was old enough to get a more reasonable job pumping gas at 15.

  2. Hauled plenty of hay in heat like this, in Middle & West Tennessee, and after that in East Texas. We survived it.

  3. Yet no matter how much the media cries about the heat and blames it on climate change, all of the records are from decades ago, if not a century.

  4. Yeah; we’re getting “heat advisories” out here in the Wild West. Imagine… 101*… in the latter part of June… in the Southern California DESERT… That’s called SUMMER here, folks! Call me when the highs pass 110*… And yes, there’s a HUGE difference in that 9* delta…

    • I’ll take 101 and dry over 87 and 100% humid any day.
      But hot is hot.
      Thing is, it isn’t record setting or dangerous unless you are stupider than jello

  5. I help my sister and BiL get hay every year, been in the 90’s here in western,ny but it also had some rain everyday so the field hasn’t been cut yet, we’re glad for that, he and i are in our 60’s so it not fun in this weather, at least it’s a one story barn, no loft

  6. We moved from the Catskill Mt in NY to SE Indiana in the Ohio River Valley. The winters were just getting hard to deal with. Our discussion was about trading harsh winters with just as harsh summers, we have not been disappointed! I keep a thermometer in the sun and its always over 100F and often over 120F in the heat of the day. We pull hay, care for livestock, tend to our gardens. But the Mockingbird media has convinced the Mockingbird class that this is unusual and I am amazed at how many buy into that.

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