The fact that they think they can issue “demands”

Shows that the system is broken.

How dare they make any demands.

Migrants in Denver issue list of 13 demands that must be met before they’ll leave street encampment for shelter, including better food and work permits

You should read the list. They obviously think they are entailed to someone else paying their bills. These are the people that the Biden administration is bringing into the country. Do you really think they will be an asset to the US?

Me? I’d fire up a large road roller and run it over the encampment (slowly enough that they can escape if they wish) and anyone who stayed, well, they made their choice. It’s hard to be demanding when several tens of tons of steel roller is heading your way.

But in a world run by leaders with balls, any “migrant” who issued ANY demand would be tossed out, Taken to the border and let go to start over.

5 thoughts on “The fact that they think they can issue “demands”

  1. Why wouldn’t the criminal invaders do this. They’ve gotten away with every oher outrage they have committed.

  2. There are people stupid enough not to move. Back around 1970-1972 , some shmuck , laid on the railroad tracks going into the Concord weapons depot . Train didn’t stop , idiot lost his legs. FAFO.

  3. In clown world, illegal doesn’t mean illegal.
    Legal may mean illegal depending upon who you are and who you ask.

    Rule of Law is d e a d. DEAD!

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