Freak the neighbors out

So I saw a wireless router on sale for $10, bought it

Did the setup, named it “FBI Surveillance van 32” and just left it run. I put it up in the attic so it has the best possible coverage. It shows up on all the scans when trying to find WIFI on your computer or phone or tablet.

It isn’t hooked to anything, no internet, but my neighbors are kinda nervous right now….Especially the folks to the north, as they are not always law-abiding types…..



7 thoughts on “Freak the neighbors out

  1. Not many really good practical jokes are affordable,, That is a good one.

    Will you change the van number once in a while?

  2. Well, updates and observations about the paranoia you’re causing will allow us to feel like Supreme Jakkasses vicariously.. Honestly, I can’t think of a prank I’ve heard of that hangs with that.


    Used that with multiple wifi hotspots that I used in rotation anyways, and got rid of an illegal pot dispensary in a couple of weeks.

    XXX PD Narcotics
    County Detectives
    DEA Task Force
    TheirAddress Underground Pot Dispensary

    Woke up one morning and they had fled the location, months before their lease expired.

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