After many years of observation

I have come to the conclusion that women who sport the phrase “Well behaved women seldom make the history books” on bumper stickers, patches on jackets, or buttons on purses or otherwise display that slogan are generally women who simply never learned to behave in the first place (or choose not to) and use this as an excuse for their behavior.



3 thoughts on “After many years of observation

  1. I caused strife with my brother when I got snarky about “Well behaved women…”

    His oldest daughter had that bumper sticker on the back of her Honda.

    Hitler, Stalin and Mao made history. Lizzy Borden, Mary Mallon and Eva Braun made history.

    Donna Rice, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Stormy Daniels made history.

    And there are “well behaved” people who DID make history.

    Queen Elizabeth, Mother Theresa, Condoleeza Rice, Candice Owens for instance.

    And then there are the hundreds of millions of silent heroes who Just Did Their Jobs.

  2. Most women can’t behave, it’s just societal pressure that makes them do so.
    They’ll do anything to find an excuse for acting like children when they feel like it.
    If they judged themselves as hard as they judge other women (or ESPECIALLY men) then they’d never be able to live with themselves.
    So they use excuses like “Seldom make History” to excuse their bad behavior.

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