One wonders why the others don’t simply beat his ass

I mean, the video in this article is an example of the difference between men and women when it comes to physical sports.

But one wonders why the other MALE athletes don’t simply knock the shit out of him. Teach him a lesson. Stairs are dangerous places…..people fall down stairs all the time, sometimes twice or even three times.

And if the other women athletes are smart, they will refuse to participate against him. Simply walk away.

Once again the stupidity of the DEI people amazes me.




2 thoughts on “One wonders why the others don’t simply beat his ass

  1. Real men SHOULD be curb stomping these freaks….especially the one who physically injure women they are “competing” against. Problem is the criminals in charge won’t touch the freaks but will utterly crucify anyone who touches them. Ahd the real women won’t appreciate the me who act for them. So real men simply walk away from this insanity. It’s no longer worth getting involved.

  2. The terminal decline started in Year Zero of the immaculate Chicago jesus messiah.
    Any society that stupid deserves to be erased from existence.
    Si se puede.

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