Buying more votes with petroleum

So the Biden folks are gonna dump a million gallons of gasoline onto the market, in an attempt to keep prices down.

Of course, theya re only releasing the gasoline on the east coat, where, apparently, the high cost is a significant part of the degrading of their voter base….

I wonder how much this release is gonna cost the US taxpayer? Biden still hasn’t refilled all the crude oil he sold from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve last election cycle…..

I sometimes think they are just trying to weaken the country….remove all the reserves,,,,they’ve already damaged our military….

4 thoughts on “Buying more votes with petroleum

  1. That amount of oil being released is meaningless to the market.
    What kind of moron is going to vote for Biden for that?

    • It’s a million gallons all on the east coast.

      And LIberals, and Liberal leaning folks ARE that stupid.

  2. SOMETIMES you think they are just trying to weaken the country???

    Oh yeah… I forgot… Not much thinking goes on when you’re asleep… May bad…

    Even if Biden worked 24/7/365 to be this stupid, he couldn’t be this stupid. This is a PLAN…

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