One wonders why they don’t use Eminement Domain

I mean, governments have used Eminent Domain to take land for lesser reasons….

Inside America’s most breathtaking state park that almost NO ONE is allowed to visit despite its oasis of rolling hills and idyllic stretch dubbed ‘Peace Valley’… as debate rages about public access

I’m not saying they SHOULD  take land from the surrounding owners to create access, mind you, but if the state has the land , intended to be used as a park, then why have it if they can’t access it? Sometimes there’s a good reason to use ED.

There must be some powerful people with land in the area opposing this…..

One thought on “One wonders why they don’t use Eminement Domain

  1. If its as beautiful as described, I can see why private land owners around it would be jealous to either 1) keep it for their future use OR 2) sell later for more $$$.

    We live adjacent to a small university which became affiliated with a larger one with deep pockets. The university plans in the future to buy properties like ours for their future expansion. Our plan is to tell them keep your money – just replace our home in nearby area that match or exceeds what we already own. Not possible – they would render us homeless condemned to rent from others or move to a trailer park or similar.

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