And once again, the Global leftists want even more taxes…..

This time a “Minimum Tax on Wealth”¬†

I.E. Targeting the ultra rich…those with a net worth of more than a million dollars. t

I bet that a billionaire pays significantly more taxes that a thousand folks making $100K a year under the current tax scheme….. Plus they employ a bunch of people .

But these folks keep bleating about “Fair Share”…..How much tax is a “fair share” per person? ..

Yet they also increase their level for “Poverty” where people pay no taxes….and they promote folks not participating in our society by actually working and paying taxes…..Plus all the undocumented that cost about $5K per person per month….*and the foreign aid and the gifts to Ukraine’s President….)

And, of course, spending money that we don’t have ….But gotta tax the “Rich” more to pay for that spending…..

I’m actually surprised that Janet Yellen opposes it….


So I’ve asked this many times. How much tax is enough. What, exactly, is a “Fair Share”?

(sometimes I think it is simple jealousy…these Leftists know they are failures, and can barely keep an overpaid¬† government or academic job…they hate the folks that made money by actually earning it by creating something.…..)



3 thoughts on “And once again, the Global leftists want even more taxes…..

  1. One problem with wealth taxes is that it can force business owners (like farmers) into selling property which in turn can tank valuations. Also, some businesses are not configured in a way that makes divesting portions of it easy. How about a family-owned chain of dry-cleaners? Who is going to buy a single outlet that is an “orphan”?

    The desire to stick a thumb in the eye of “that rich guy” can hollow out the economy, something most of our legacy cities cannot tolerate any more of.

  2. Crackhead son doesn’t think the present tax rate is fair , what will be think when he inherits pedo joe’s money , and he won’t have someone to pardon him?

  3. EVERYTHING they are doing….including the ridiculous tax structure they have inflicted on us is for a reason….the destruction of America.

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