5 thoughts on “And more on the “Poor”

  1. How can one spend food stamps wisely when they cash them out for booze and drugs?

  2. i see a very large woman and her very large teenage son in the checkout line rather frequently. they always have an entire cart loaded with mountain dew, another with junk food and chips. pay with ebt/snap card. must be all they eat. and they were some of the last ones to let go of the covid masks. i really wanted to tell them that their mtn dew will kill them much surer than covid.

    • The stories I could tell about food stamp “abuses”.
      Strange how amongst the “poor” in America, obesity is the most common illness……………………………

  3. Chicago is doing some sort of “Universal Basic Income ” experiment, and I wish I had the time to look into it.
    Would love to know what they are spending their free money one……

  4. Hey, cut the leeches some slack. Ya wanna see tattoo parlors, street corner bling vendors, and drug dealers out of work?

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