For all you college protesters

That want , nay, DEMAND a “Permanent and immediate ceasefire” in Gaza….

Remember this:

There WAS a ceasefire in Gaza. In fact, “Palestinians” were WORKING in Israel.

Then Hamas changed that…Not the Israelis. Hamas…The government that the “PALESTINIANS” chose. Hamas chose to assemble a bunch of “fighters”, equip them, give them leaders….and allow them to attack across a border and slaughter innocent people. (and not a single “Palestinian” chose to say anything before the attack, either).

Now that they are getting their butts kicked, Hamas, the “Palestinians” are crying for a ceasefire. Like blaming the hornets for starting the war after you knocked their nest down with a stick. Whose fault is it that you got stung?

I realize you think it is cool to follow a cause. But THINK.

2 thoughts on “For all you college protesters

  1. “Thinking” and “Colleges” are mutually exclusive terms these days.

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