And the details are coming to light

The police report said Scheffler failed to comply with instructions and then drove away from an officer, Bryan Gillis, ‘causing him to be dragged along by the two-time Masters winner’s car‘.

But witnesses say otherwise:

Wischusen claims Gillis was ‘pretty, you know, enthusiastic’ as he walked up to Scheffler’s vehicle and beamed his flashlight into the golfer’s face.

Wischusen then claims Gillis screamed at Scheffler, saying words to the effect of: ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, who are you? Where are you going? Get back in line. You’re not allowed to come through here.’

Gillis was ‘scolding’ Scheffler for passing the vehicle Wischusen and the ESPN crew were in and it was unclear whether he was a police officer or tournament security because of their yellow reflective jackets.

After Scheffler drove forward, the situation then escalated and Gillis ‘got very angry pursuing the car.’

Wischusen claims the officer was ‘kind of running alongside chasing the car, and maybe he tripped and fell.  

He added: ‘I mean, there was kind of an outcropping or median, you know, by the front gate. And keep in mind, it was raining. It was 6 o’clock in the morning. It was dark.’

Asked about the claims of Gillis ‘attaching’ himself to the car, Wischusen said: ‘I could see him stumble, but I did not have a very clear view of exactly how you want to categorize his contact with the car.’


So here we have at least one witness saying that the officer LIED in his police report (shocking, I know) I doubt that this lying and exaggeration is an isolated incident, either…..The only reason that it has come to light is that this was a celebrity, rather than joe average, that was treated badly…..And there were independent witnesses that saw the whole thing.


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  1. I saw another comment somewhere that the Tour participants have PGA credentials attached to their car, and they are instructed to ignore traffic control personnel so they can do what they need to for the day’s competition.

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