Will they hold his feet to the fire?

ATF Director Steven Dettelbach is supposed to testify regarding the ATF execution raid of Brian Mailnowski’s home at 6:01 AM that resulted in Mr Malinowski’s death….Shot by an ATF agent.

I look forward to the explanation of why they taped over and disabled his Ring Cameras, pulled the power to his home, broke down his door…all while NOT wearing the required-by-Law body cameras….And explain whey the Little Rock Police officers accompanying the ATF agents ALSO failed to wear body cameras….Against their department policy…..

I’d like to hear his explanation as to why the ATF could not have waited for a decent hour, or why they couldn’t have detained him at work, or done the raid while he was at work….Dude worked as the director of the Little Rock Airport, fer chrissake.

I also want to know how the agents have been punished for such an egregious violation of law and ATF policy regarding the body cameras…have they been suspended, demoted, or fired? Are they on trial for murder? After all, we only have their word that he shot at them…because they carefully made sure that there was no video evidence…..

I fully expect this inquest to be a waste of time, but I have hopes that they will actually hold someone accountable.

I won’t hold my breath though.

I think this looks like State Sanctioned Murder, and I would like explanations….If they can do it to him, they can do it to you or me.

7:2 the congressional investigation is just for show.

5 thoughts on “Will they hold his feet to the fire?

  1. If this is how they are going to operate, then open fire when ANYONE kicks in your door at zero-dark-thirty.

    Am I a dead man, absolutely. But I hope at least a couple of them never go home to their families either. Perhaps if enough “heroes” just following orders die in the line of duty, they will re-think following such orders.

  2. Don’t expect any actual answers to these congressional questions. And don’t expect congress to actually do anything to these criminals fpr refusing to provide honest and accurate answers. This is all more Kabuki theater BS polite grandstanding.

    And yes…this was a murder. A deliberate murder designed as a message to ALL of us little peons. And the message is simple. They can kill any of us, at any time, anywhere, for any or no reason and they can do so with total impunity.

    • 9:2 if they come to my door it isn’t “Total Impunity”….I’ll pay the ferryman’s fee. Someone besides me is carried out.

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