Another reason for the Second Amendment:

An example of why:

So: Irish villagers oppose “migrant” settlement camps in their area. The Irish government doesn’t care.

The Garda chose to use force, even though there was no violence offered, just a peaceful protest.

They beat and pepper sprayed the village people, then went on a rampage in the village itself. 

No matter if the use-of-force was approved or not, the fact is that because the Gardai were able to use such force, uncaring if it was witnessed by the media, and fully aware that no one could oppose it…after all, the Gardai had guns, and other weapons, the villagers had nothing. At worst ,they were following order from above, at best they were simply thugs with uniforms and guns who got out of control.  Either way, the disarmed and weaponless people were unable to resist.  The Gardai had no fear of retribution for their actions. When you have the only means of force, it becomes easy to be a tyrant.

Try that in a small town in the US.  Or even a not-so-small town.

Most especially don’t try it in MY small town.



6 thoughts on “Another reason for the Second Amendment:

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the IRA still have a whole boatload of arms lying around? What are they waiting for?

    • They were accounted for and eventually turned over and destroyed according to the Peace Treaty. There may be a few hidden away, but there is no longer a standing force to be called upon, it will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

      • WTF are referring to? This happened a week or so ago. There was no disbanding of the police forces. No one has, as of yet, been disciplined for the police actions that night.

  2. Perhaps what happened in Charlotte a couple days ago was a variation on this theme. We’ll never know for sure why the shooter who killed the cops did what he did. He didn’t survive to tell his side of the story. In pretty much all such shootings we only know what those in control want us to know. Many people who are shot by LEO deserve it. But certainly not all of them. Just ask Randy Weaver.

  3. are tptb that arrogant, or are they that desperate to get their agenda rammed thru in a hurry? i can’t tell. but it makes me wonder if they ever cracked open a history book, or talked to their parents for that matter.

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