“Then Let them eat cake”

I guess when yer worth upwards of 2 billion dollars life looks pretty good all the way around.

And if yer so insulated from the rest of the population, then you can’t see the struggle caused by rising prices and stagnant wages.

So then everything looks rosy from up there, high on the mountaintop.

JP Morgan’s CEO has come under fire for claiming average Americans are in ‘pretty good shape’ financially, despite soaring inflation and stagnant interest rates crippling household budgets.

Now, I will say what I said to a complaining acquaintance, however: If you daily consume an $8.00 coffee and eat out for lunch ($20+), instead of brewing coffee at home or at work and bringing a lunch, then if you are broke you are part of the problem…And if you always have the latest smartphone and a new car and the latest styles then your life isn’t really that hard….

But to say that the average American is “pretty well off” is missing the issue and losing the big picture.

One thought on ““Then Let them eat cake”

  1. The disconnect from reality that the ultra rich almost always suffer has always been an issue…and a problem.

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