People who do this should be beaten with a broomstick.

And then maybe abandoned 50 miles from a town with only clothing…no food or water either.

I’ll volunteer to do the beating. I’ll even supply the stick.

Heartbreaking moment confused three month-old puppy chases after owners after being dumped out of car and abandoned in mobile home park

This seems to be a thing in California lately..

You know, it’s bad enough when you abandon a fully gown dog, but a puppy?

Can’t even be bothered to take it to an animal shelter?

These folks should have their names posted…be outed for their cruelty. Faces shown on television. I mean, in both the instances in the article, the license plates could easily have been read if they had not been blurred before publication.

Out these people. Demonstrate what kind of people they are.

3 thoughts on “People who do this should be beaten with a broomstick.

  1. I have other thoughts for educating “people” that would do something like this, and will not mention them, because I figure everyone that reads and comments here has similar thought.

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