Thousands Standing Around

The TSA let them get to the boarding gate……and then Delta let them get onto the plane.

Security Theater.

No one caught the SIX people that got past TSA and then got onto a Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

How did they get past the TSA? There are supposed to be lists from the airlines that show who is ticketed on what airline. Name, flight number, etc. The TSA is SUPPOSED to check when you present yourself for screening at the checkpoint. This step is designed to prevent exactly this occurrence. But the TSA failed.

Oddly, 6 people were able to get past that point.

Then those 6 people boarded the airliner. Going past the Delta gate agent with (apparently)  fake boarding passes.

So much for security.


Look: I am all for having security…if it is, indeed, actual EFFECTIVE security. But if it is just another civil service job that accomplishes nothing (think Department of Education, or the Department of Energy), then why are we wasting our time and money?

Why are we wasting our time in the airports and all of the taxpayer money for the TSA if this sort of Fail can happen?…Not once, but 6 times ON THE SAME FLIGHT.

I mean, apparently all across the country the TSA is not bothering to look in luggage, as evinced by the (currently) 4 people who :accidentally” made it onto flights to the Turks and Caicos with ammunition in their bags. Once, perhaps, I can see, but 4? from 4 different locales? Through 4 different airports?

Perhaps they really are the Thousands just Standing Around.


4 thoughts on “Thousands Standing Around

  1. No one good, decent, or competent has ever worked for the TSA.” – WeaponsMan

  2. Is there some kind of computerized after check of passenger lists that is happening so that the FBI found out that 6 people made it onto the flight? If these 6 were able to take the flight and make it to Atlanta without being caught, then how did the FBI find out about them?; the article doesn’t say.

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