Not protestors, just actors

The News Media is Very Carefully NOT mentioning this:

It’s all an act. That is becoming more and more apparent. Just a play, a production.

So the anti-israel protestors are being paid to protest.

Also, apparently they are being fed and Soros backed agencies are buying the tents and even their clothing. Plus cash payments to actually protest. And food.

This isn’t a real protest, it is a stage play. Complete with sets and costumes.

As more and more details get out, the truth is not pretty. Bet you won’t see the MSM telling you this while they sensationalize the arrests and the protests on the 5 o’clock news.

6 thoughts on “Not protestors, just actors

  1. Were America a real country, occupied and run by real citizens, a solution would be forthcoming.

    Anon 2

    • Nice insult of my country, whoever you are.

      Where do you live? Just so we can compare your “real country” to mine.

      MY money is you fade away without answering.

      • You and I both live in the same country, or at least, where it used to be. Soros, Inc. is a national security threat – you agreed to that about a week ago when I mentioned it – and the country I grew up in would find a way to deal with a national security threat.

        I was trying to avoid the “given the national security threat he poses to the US why is George Soros still alive?” thing because I figured your delicate sensibilities would be upset if someone said “we need to kill this guy and his family and destroy his entire organization because it is a threat to the U.S.”

        There may be less violent means of resolving the problem Soros causes, but there doesn’t seem to be any interest in dealing with him at all, and “sending a message” does have some value.

        Which doesn’t seem to be what the so-called leadership of our country is interested in these days.

        Anon 2

        • Thankfully, we re still a country of laws. While I also agree that Soros is a threat, killing him out of hand is not an option for me. I believe in those laws, and those laws are a part of what defines the difference between this country and other, lesser countries.
          We are, still,, a real country. I’m sorry you feel differently..
          Feel free to take the action that you seem to think others should. Put up, or shut up. If you think “someone” should take action, why not you?

  2. As FDR stated, Nothing happens in politics by accident, if it happens it was planned to happen that way.

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