should be a lesson:

Not that I am cheering that cops got killed, mind you. I think it is a tragedy.

But once again, the police get a lesson on what can happen when one determined individual with any decent firearm skills chooses to resist.

Four officers were killed in a shooting while attempting to serve a warrant at a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, including one deputy US marshal and two local task force officers, authorities say.

One guy, 4 cops, 4 others injured.

When the citizens decide to fight back, the equation changes.

Notice that it was the US Marshalls service. They are nearly as arrogant and inept as the ATF folks. It is entirely possible that they are the reason things went pear-shaped. Each and every Marshall that I have met was his own problem waiting to happen.


6 thoughts on “should be a lesson:

  1. yep, and adding one more gunman exponentially increases body count. this one looks like another failure of the cops to gather intel first. they need to realize that the rules have changed. people, even law abiding ones, won’t stand by to be railroaded into prison like j6ers or be gunned down like the arkansas guy. they, we, see what they are doing to trump and we know we’re next. i’m a former lawman myself, but i’m “improving” the fightability of my house/ao. i’ve seen too many 3a.m. assaults on the wrong damn address.

  2. NOw looks like possibly 2 other shooters involved. 72 hour rule, just sayin…

  3. If the cops don’t achieve total surprise at o’dark thirty they face the possibility of real prepared effective resistance. And as the corruption of the legal/judicial system becomes more and more blatant more and more people will choose to resist rather than submit to that corruption.

    • ah, so that explains why your coworkers do their raids the way they do.

      Got it.

      • Healthcare workers don’t do “raids” and some of our specialties work 24/7 shifts.

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