Still not the Amish

Why is it that one culture thinks this is OK?


And then they wonder why the rest of us want to be elsewhere when crowds build?  Why merchants don’t want any part of their crowds, why the cops treat them differently?

(Of course, it is because of Racism, but never mind….)

3 thoughts on “Still not the Amish

  1. In today’s world? It’s only smart to be “RayCist”. I don’t want them anywhere near me; I don’t want to be anywhere near them.

    And I’m sorry about that … it causes me to dis some of those I’ve called friends – and others I respect (Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Walter Williams among others that come to mind). Last place I worked … they didn’t trust strangers of their own kind.

    Reagan had it backwards in this case: “verify, then trust (maybe)”

  2. Why wouldn they think it’s ok. The media champions their crime and criminals. They are frequently allowed to commit crimes with no consequences. The results of the lefts policies are easy to foresee.

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