4 years ago

We started the “2 weeks to slow the spread” bullshit that lasted for many months and was the start of the truly damaging, idiotic and poorly thought out mandates pushed upon the nation by the (so called) experts.

The Nation has never fully recovered from the asinine (and useless) mandates they forced upon us.

I knew that there was more to it when the pre-printed signs advising “Social Distancing” and “Six Feet” and such appeared as if by magic all across the country all at once. Those sorts of things can’t be printed and packaged and distributed overnight in those quantities without a lot of pre-planning.


2 thoughts on “4 years ago

  1. I would have bet EVERYTHING I had on “Chicago won’t cancel the Irish Parade because of the flu”.
    They did and the rest is history………..

  2. The six-foot “social distancing” thing was a JOKE. So there I am in line. the guy moves forward to the next floor marker. I step forward onto the marker he just stepped off of,… and right into the breath-vapor cloud he left behind… It just doesn’t get any dumber than that…

    It’s funny that no one in the MSM remembers Nancy Pelosi on TV, rubbing elbows with the hoyti-toyties of San Francisco’s Chinatown, and telling us to get out there and enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations and not to worry about the Kung Flu. Neither does anyone in the MSM remember the New York City Health Commissioner telling us that if we DIDN’T get out there and watch the dragons and fireworks, we were XENOPHIBIC. A couple of weeks later, we were all under house arrest for two years…

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