The green ones

Today is St Patrick’s Day.

Everyone is Irish….for a while.


But lets not forget that the Irish were once reviled as subhuman. Much like the Black people today would have you believe they are treated (but the Irish WERE treated that way, and no one cared)

They were limited in what jobs they could get, limited as to where they could live (not by economics, but because they were Irish).

Limited as to where they could go to school.

Limited as to where they could worship.

But they, as a people. lifted themselves up and became a part of society.

Yes, they were often heavy drinkers, and yes, there were Irish gangs. Yes there was increased crime in Irish Neighborhoods.

(Three’s a reason that it’s called a “Paddy Wagon” after all.)

But no one made any excuses for them.


Yet today,, no one hesitates to make Irish jokes (or Polish ones for that matter). They have thick skin and can laugh at their past….Unlike certain other sections of our current society that can’t do that, and are always crying “discrimination!!” and getting excuses made for them….and can’t move forward…The Irish know they’ve overcome, and that they have a legacy to be proud of.

Raise a glass, kiss a lass, and enjoy your St Patrick’s day.





5 thoughts on “The green ones

  1. “Everyone’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day.
    Except the Scots. We’re still Scottish”

    Don’t need Guinness when I can tip a bit of Laphroaig
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. …No one seems to remember or care about the outright ENSLAVEMENT of the Irish and the Scots… It JUST.DOESN’T FIT.THE NARRATIVE…

  3. Well said Mr. B.
    Just FYI, my Dad was Double Irish, both sides of his family came from County Antrim.
    I don’t have to wonder why I am what I am.

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