They don’t even bother

To try to convince us that they aren’t lying about him anymore.


So Trump, in referring to the economics of EV’s produced in Mexico in Chinese owned factories that were intended to be shipped to the United states, said that he would put a 100% tariff on them to protect the domestic car manufactures.

He also said that if he wasn’t elected that the damage that Biden and his ilk would o regarding that part of the economy would be a “bloodbath”.

The media is suggesting that his ” Bloodbath” comment is something else entirely, taking his words entirely out of context. They are conflating that with the Jan 6th protest

They are LYING.

Even a few publications are saying that. (you can find one here, the AZ Republican via Yahoo News).

If Yahoo is admitting it (however second hand) then you know that even some of the press folks are unhappy with the blatant lies.

Even Newsweek couldn’t stomach the lies.



3 thoughts on “They don’t even bother

  1. When the left stops lying is when we should start worrying in ernest.

  2. it is true however. there will be a bloodbath, no matter who wins. economic, cultural, physical and any other way you can imagine. they won’t accept a trump win, they already said so. i doubt maga will accept another blatant cheat either. its going to be ugly, if we even last to november.

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