Once, there was none

No measles in this country.

And then, of course, we had Covid. Yes, prior to that there was an anti-vaccination subset of the population, and there were people who felt they had real, reasonable fears for their children’s health and chose not to get their kids vaccinated. But there were, effectively no cases of Measles in this country. Less than a thousand cases per year, about three-quarters of those visitors from another country.

Then, as I said, came Covid. Now, honestly, if  today you trust most of the folks supplying “Health Care” in this country, you are a fool. Perhaps that was always the case, but it came to the forefront when Covid reared it’s ugly (and overblown) head. Not only did we shut down the country for what was, essentially a severe case of Influenza, but we also injected unknown and untried “Vaccines” into about 70% of our countries citizens. We forced it on most of our “Healthcare” workers, forced it on our military, forced it on many workers who were given a choice: Lose your job and all you worked for, or take the jab. The CDC lied to us, the doctors and nurses repeated the lie, and followed the CDC recommendations unthinkingly.

Now, of course, 4 or so years later, many children have not been vaccinated for anything, or are only vaccinated for the absolute minimum that their parents can get away with. Many people no longer trust even childhood vaccinations. Not a fringe percentage, but almost 20% of parents.

Add in the fact that there are over 4 million unvaccinated (for anything, Covid or otherwise), unquarantined third world people brought into the country in the past 12 months, spread out over many areas….is it any wonder that we have a “sudden” and “Unprecedented” outbreak of Measles? All the outbreaks are centered on “Sanctuary Cities” and “Migrant Shelters”, BTW…

It is expected that there will be well over 350 cases by the end of the month, especially in the southwest.

Yet I would hesitate even today to get vaccinated for Measles (or, honestly, anything else), as I no longer trust the disease prevention portion of our medical establishment. I don’t trust them because they have lied to us, twisted statistics to demonstrate that Covid was more dangerous than it has been shown to be, lied about the efficacy of the Covid “vaccine”(it isn’t a vaccine as it was defined even 6 years ago and doesn’t seem to work all that well) and lied about the safety of the Covid Jab. Honestly, I’d not trust most health care workers to not also inject me or my kids with the Covid jab as well as a measles vaccine. Nor would I trust that vaccine to contain only the Measles (or MMR) vaccine and nothing else, even if the doctors and nurses could be trusted.  (I don’t think that the “real” vaccine that I got 50+ years ago is still protecting me today…..But I won’t get another one)

Expect a great big outbreak of Measles soon, especially in larger cities where there are a high number of illegal migrants settled. Remember that it is spread the same way as Covid (as most diseases are) and that 3 in 1000 who get it die from it….. 20% of adults need hospitalization. Blindness, hearing loss, stillbirths….brought to you by the Biden administration.

Is this the next “covid”? Will it be used like covid was to change the way we vote so that the votes were more easily manipulated? Will we have restrictions and issues with living our lives the same way we had for Covid?

Remember, this disease was brought into the country using illegal border crossers as the vector, aided and abetted by the Border Control officers who were “Just Following Orders” from Joe Biden. It could have been prevented…..but it wasn’t

Remember that




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  1. most people continue to vax their kids w/ the old school shots. they didn’t provide 100% protection to begin with but close enough that the desease died out before it could find a host. not the daily influx from 3rd world shitholes manages to fine those hosts among the vaxed population. tptb tried and failed so far to get a race war going so now they are trying to instigate one of their own. this one may be more successful, to start at least. i don’t think it will end the way they plan.

  2. I’m glad I’m old enough to have received “immunity” from measles, mumps, and chicken pox the old fashioned way – actually getting the disease at an age where the serious effects are minimal. Our mothers had “parties” to make sure all the kids got the disease(s) at the same time.

    No way will I accept vaccinations or “flu shots” by consent. But I do believe someone, sometime in the medical profession will force it by deception.

  3. I served 21 years in the military. I was about as vaccinated as a man could be. Alotta people don’t know this, but military members were even FORCED to take the early versions of the “flu vaccine.” We were literally used as Guinee pigs for that thing. Still, I trusted. Not anymore. From the very beginning of the COVID “vaccine” push, I distrusted not only the “vaccine” that was FORCED upon us even though it was inadequately tested and rushed to market, but also the people who pushed it. I can now see how easy it would be for people to accept “the mark of the beast.” This debacle was a real eye-opener for me. Suffice it to say, I’m not in a rush to receive ANY “vaccine” now…

    For the record, before the Plandemic I neither had any adverse reactions to ANY vaccine, nor KNEW anyone who had experienced adverse reactions to a vaccine. Thanks to the COVID “vaccine,” I now know two, with one almost losing an arm to a blood clot DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED to the “vaccine” by his primary care doctor, a cardiologist, and a hematologist. He’s now battling clots in other parts of his body. He had no issues with clots before taking the “vaccine…”

    As for the illegals spreading disease, this was not a bug, but a FEATURE.

    • what’s worse is the court said the military couldn’t force the clotshot on the troops b/c it violated the geneva convention, but they did it anyway. so glad i got out when i did.

  4. Fortunately measles….in elemer aged children…is seldom serious. It can be hard on post adolescent and adult patients but in the pre pubescent it’s usually not serious.

  5. 1) COVID was not just a “severe case of influenza”.
    The peak death rate in the initial wave hit right around 3%.
    That’s 30 times worse than annual influenza, and surpasses the CFR of even the original 1918 Spanish Flu (which was 2%) by 50%.
    For some rural areas, it wasn’t as bad as a head cold, because they never got much of it before it had already begun mutating to less virulent strains.
    For some urban areas, it was a full-on pandemic nightmare.
    Only now, years later, has it mutated down to being “just the flu”.
    Anybody spewing that bilge in 2020 was a thorough-going moron.

    2) That said, the responses to it then were purely driven by whacktards and political agendas (and frequently whacktards with political agends), out of all proportion to even the worst outbreaks. Second-, third- and fourth-order consequences continue to make the actual disease a comparative nothingburger.

    3) One of which is destroying (arguably not accidentally) all faith and trust in immunology and public health, which has and will continue to lay open the entire country to a future public health disaster.

    4) Anecdotally, I didn’t get a flu shot this year. Having been burned on the Death Jab, the hospital hasn’t pimped it as hard as past years, and frankly, I didn’t check to see if Pfizer et al have fornicated what used to be a true quadrivalent actual vaccine with reasonable prospects of helping normal human immune system responses, by adding their mRNA stew to the vaccines, and turning them into a FrankenVax, which I’ll have no part of, now or ever. And once you get it, you can’t get rid of it, so there are no second chances. A lot of people have simply opted out of the whole vaxx game in perpetuity, at least until this nonsense is banned for life, and they start executing people for trying.

    5) Both Pfizer and FedGov have seen this, which is why they’re talking, researching, and actively planning to start pumping their genetic FrankenPoison into food and any other damned thing they can think of, including designing crap that can be spread from the vaxxed to the purebloods without their knowledge nor informed consent simply by casual contact. This is Dr. Mengele-levels of wrong, and why the “executing people for trying” stage needs to start happening.

    Five or ten across at a time, in public, fully televised.
    Make punishing crimes against humanity great again.

    • It always was a “severe case of the Flu” if you separate out and classify for age, and then adjust for the incredible stupidity of putting covid patients into nursing homes and killing the elderly in job lots , then the numbers for the rest of the population aren’t so bad. Take out the chronically ill/obese/diabetes/etc and it is reduced even more. \
      That3% you quote includes the outbark in Italy, as well, not just in the US. Elderly population, lots of chinese craftsmen to bring it there in job lots, and long before anyone knew how to diagnose or treat it.

      For the average “healthy” adult or child, it was comparable to a severe case of the Flu or a really bad cold. For those already circling the rim, it was much, much worse.

      the urban/rural divide is harder to correlate. I’m not sure why the urban folks did so much worse than the rural folks. I think it is more than population density tha caused the increased rates.

      • Unfortunately, no.
        It was also killing otherwise healthy 30-, 40- and 50- year olds too. In a matter of a couple of days. Saw that first-hand, and carried the body bags to the morgue.

        Not nearly like the quantities of decrepit multi-problem elderly it knocked off, but it was still a lot worse than the flu.
        Total flu deaths I’ve witnessed, ever, in 30+ years: zero, for any age group.
        Total flu deaths I’ve even heard of for normally healthy 30-, 40-, 50-somethings: not even detectable with existing instrumentation. I’ve treated more people with rattlesnake bites in my entire career.

        But no argument on what should have been prosecutable crimes of manslaughter for Cuomo et al packing sick elderly in with uninfected elderly in convo homes. That was another Mengele-level offense, and should be answered with public hanging.

        And the 3% was the tally solely in the U.S.
        NYFS and NJ were 2.8% and 2.9%, respectively.
        A lot of that was over-achieving by deliberately holding mass public gatherings, and jamming sick elderly in with healthy elderly.

        By contrast, Hawaii came in around 0.6%.

        The overall national US average during the initial round was 1.6%, IOW 16 times worse than average annual flu death rate, and nearly as bad as Spanish Flu’s 2% death rate in 1918.

        States with negligible expat Chinese populations did well.
        States with Chinatowns generally got hosed pretty hard.

        Because in all likelihood, this crap started here around Thanksgiving 2019, about a week after it hit China, but no one had even heard about it before January 2020, and the CDC only admitted it was here when a grant researcher violated her flu research grant terms, tested for COVID (along with ordinary flu) contrary to the CDC’s express instructions, and found two dozen cases of COVID already in Seattle (among shut-in elderly, which means it was brought in first by family and/or staff), in a convo home that had about 20 fatalities out of 40 residents IIRC, proving that it was here long before, and had been for some good time.

        Once the cat was out of the bag, the whole country lost their collective sh*t.

        • You are conflating “Died of Covid” with “Died WITH Covid”. (Usually you are smarter than that, unless you have an agenda….)
          Take that out and the death rate is less than 1/3 of the number you posted.

          Of course, you gotta bother to look to see the difference. Hospital checked EVERYONE for covid, and if they died (for any reason) but tested positive, then covid became the “cause” of death.
          Was Covid a severe disease that (sometimes) killed otherwise healthy people? Yes. Was it the cause of a million deaths? No. Was it the PRIMARY cause of death in otherwise healthy people? NO.

          You have to ask yourself, where are the “excess” deaths in the grand picture? It turns out that there was not a 3% increased death rate from covid, instead there was a 0.4 percent of deaths that were “excess” to normal.
          In other words, it wasn’t the killer that folks like you make it out to be, else there would be a much higher death rate (or count) for 2020. And there simply wasn’t.
          Look it up yourself,

          I do not doubt that you saw otherwise healthy people that died of covid. But not the “stack bodies in the Reefer Truck” levels that you are suggesting (and do you really take ’em to the morgue yourself? someho9w I doubt that)

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