Much like Epstein

So the “Boeing Whistleblower”, John Barnett, dies suddenly under strange circumstances.

“Apparently a Self-Inflicted gunshot wound”

If you believe that, then you likely believe that Epstein killed himself alone in a cell too.

And you’d be a fool for believing either one.

Guaranteed he didn’t off himself.

Powerful people with a lot to lose fear and loathe people who can bring their misdeeds to light, or expose their actions.

I’m actually surprised Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive.


5 thoughts on “Much like Epstein

  1. i wonder if anybody remembers nikki haley is on the board at boeing?

  2. Vince Foster’s ghost will be leading an investigation supervised by the park police.

  3. Ghislaine Maxwell is probably alive only because they haven’t found the dirt that will be released if she mysteriously dies. They find those files and she’s toast.

  4. Maxwell is alive because she’s useful. The second she no longer remains so………

    The Boeing whistleblower has not gotten the kind of media attention it certainly deserves. Is the FBI and DOJ too busy investigating GamerGate 2.0 and White Rural Rage to give this murder the full court press?
    I think we all know the answer to that one.

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