The progressives win yet another one.

So West Point no longer has the motto “Duty, Honor, Country”.

These are the future leaders of a portion of our military. At a  military academy. Paid their education paid for by military money.

If not there, then where should that motto be?

The destruction of our military continues.

Between Joe Biden cutting military funding (but there is always money for the Illegals and Social Programs) loss of hardware (and giving it to Ukraine), the loss of warfighting stockpiles (again, some sent to Ukraine without full replacement) and the destruction of the loyalty, the military protecting our country is being  slowly eroded.

And it isn’t an accident nor incompetence, I think.

3 thoughts on “The progressives win yet another one.

  1. If “Army values” don’t include “Duty, Honor, Country,” then it truly HAS no values, and therefore no value…

  2. Literally everything is targeted for destruction by the left. Most importantly patriotism in the military. The evil criminal left in power don’t want soldiers loyal to America, they want soldiers indoctrinated and loyal to leftist ideology. The rank and file military is the only remaining institution in America that poses a meaningful threat to their hold on power.

  3. win? yes and no. every new win actually causes more people to wake up to what’s going on. and pisses off even more the one that were awake already. this one will eventually eliminate any hesitancy to fire on govt troops later on. we’ll know anybody left in service are our enemy.

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