Boosting the signal.

While I have no doubt that we share many readers, the overlap may not be 100%…


Therefore I suggest that if you haven’t seen this, then you should go there and read the whole thing:

HR7521 – The TikTok Ban Law (as written) is NOT About Banning TikTok, It’s About Information Control – pdf Included

Why is it that we allow our lawmakers to lie so much in the bills they present as good for us?

Why aren’t we taking those legislators who lie to us and showing them the lampposts and short ropes up close and personal-like?

Just something to ponder.

2 thoughts on “Boosting the signal.

  1. Politicians lit to us because they can. It’s that simple. They suffer absolutely NO consequences for lying even when. caught. Why wouldn’t they lie. It serves their goals. Want the lying to stop. Make lying painful… physically personally painful to the politicians when they get caught. Nothing else will stop them. The solutions to many of our problems in politics aren’t complicated. Unpleasant perhaps, but not complicated.

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