We had to kill the forest to save Gaia

So the Germans, in their infinite wisdom, are cutting down a forest (and an ancient one, at that) to make way for a Wind Farm.

Fury in Germany as 120k trees in fairytale forest felled to make way for wind farm

Years ago, visitors to the forest were not allowed to even camp there because it was a “sensitive and vulnerable” area”.

Now, of course, it is OK to clear cut because wind energy for 15 years or so trumps hundred year (or more) old forest.

Note that the orivinal plan was to simply [place the turbine bases in areas that were already clearings, but that soon fell by the wayside as getting the power out of those areas was too expensive.

Clearcutting is much cheaper as all the turbines are closer together that way, less expense for power lines.

5 thoughts on “We had to kill the forest to save Gaia

  1. Dead presidents do all the talking.

    Braindead Leftists do all the “thinking…”

  2. When you’re wrecking something, especially something as important as an entire ecosystem, it’s important that you do it in the most efficient manner possible.
    And how much CO2 is sequestered in the wood?
    How much Oxygen does that forest make?
    If only THEY would
    Follow the Science.

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