Will the folks like Earthbound Misfit

Change their story now that the lies about Jan 6th are coming to light?


They said terrible things about Trump and his followers, but more and more it is coming out that this was a staged event…And the narrative is starting to crumble.

Will they be adults and admit that they helped perpetuate a bunch of lies??

Yeah, I won’t hold my breath. Nah, they’ll act like 8th grade girls. They are immature women and Liberals (who act like women)  and they (women) never admit it when they are wrong, or that they made a mistake. It’s the reason men and adults and Conservatives hold them in such poor regard, much the same way that women are held in disregard by men for their behavior.

(and yes, I singled out Comrade Misfit, but there are thousands more like her that need to grow up and see that they have been fed, and perpetuated, a bunch of lies)


10 thoughts on “Will the folks like Earthbound Misfit

  1. “to anger a conservative, lie to him. to anger a liberal, tell him the truth.” teddy roosevelt ..there’s your answer. seems they’ve been that way for some time. i had been under the mistaken impression that it was a new phenomenon.

  2. Hahahaha that broad is a complete moron & occasionally I stop by & remind her.

  3. A leftist admit they were wrong? LOL! I’ll win PowerBall before that happens.

  4. Did the people who claimed Russia and Trump were in cahoots to steal the election from HC ever acknowledge that ? Did they apologize for claiming the Steele Dossier was NOT a hit piece (yeah it was) and that the politicians Pelosi and and Bug Eyes claim they personally saw evidence presented Trump’s guilt of crimes ?

    They know that we know that they are lying. I look at the 1970’s and Watergate Break-In and just smile. We’ve come a long way down since then. None of the guilty even appear to be sorry except for getting caught.

  5. That twunt over at ebmf don’t like anybody’s opinion that doesn’t go along with hers. I comment on her posts on occasion , and normally it just gets dumped, which lets me know that I hit a nerve.

    • Mr Wilson:

      Be nice, no name calling on here. Be respectful or don’t say anything.
      Disagree all you like, but don’t be an ass and don’t call names.


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