When the flak is most intense…

You know yer close to the target.

I got kicked off of being able to post comments at Ms Misfit’s blog for asking the hard questions and pointing out the truth rather than the adulterated version she likes to post.

She got pissy when I pointed out the missing information about the “Border Security Bill”…that it doesn’t provide for any actual security,…Which is why most republicans don’t want to vote for it despite the really nice name…

Plus I liked pointing out the double standards she had in judging politicians, especially Trump Vs Biden…

Funny how Liberals and (most) women don’t like it when their preferred narrative is interrupted with things like truth and those pesky facts, innit?

I guess she didn’t like me breaking into her dream world with reality.

But instead a facing the facts, and/or refuting anything I said, she banned me. Cowards and petty dictators are like that….Childish, but hey, that’s liberals in a nutshell.

Her blog, her rules.

So she gets an echo chamber instead of a blog.

2 thoughts on “When the flak is most intense…

  1. A lot of bloggers don’t want to hear what the readers actually think or believe. They want to hear what THEY think and believe being regurgitated back from countless keyboards. Francis Porretto at Liberty’s (sic) Torch is one of them. Post something that disagrees with his narrative and out comes the ban hammer.

    • To be fair, it took more than one post that told the truth( instead of her version) for her to get all pissy.

      But she doesn’t like facts that stray from her narrative.

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