As expected.

Since it wasn’t terrorism, wasn’t a (radical) Muslim,  we now find, after the dust clears, that it was the Usual Suspects.

Two Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting suspects are JUVENILES who were having a ‘personal dispute’: Ten questioned over gun chaos that killed one, injured 21, and shamed the city on its big day.

So a bunch of Amish  urban kids in a (likely) gang type dispute chose the crowd as a good place to start tossing lead at each other. No surprise, we see it all the time in the folks that live in the South Side of Chicago. There is a demographic that just wants revenge and doesn’t care who they harm in the process.


I figured this, based on what the news report DIDN’T say, but waited until the official news confirmed it before posting.




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  1. we used to just meet behind the school or post office when i was a teenager to settle or disputes with fists

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