If yer that afraid

Should you really be a cop?

This is the bizarre moment when a police officer opened fire on a handcuffed, unarmed suspect locked in his own patrol car after an acorn landed on his vehicle. (emphasis mine)


So dude hears a nut fall on his car, and starts shooting wildly. AN ACORN. Turns and starts shooting. No discernable target. Spray and pray, as it were.

Then his partner follows suit. No real target. Just shooting in the general direction of a car with a handcuffed suspect in the back seat. Not sure exactly what their target is, but shoots anyway. Because her partner did.

Neither should ever be allowed to be a cop again. Or own a firearm.

If you or I reacted to any threat, real or not, like this, we’d be jailed, and rightfully so.

3 thoughts on “If yer that afraid

  1. My dad would say, “his spring is wound up a little bit too tight”.

  2. This is what you get when you are stuck with “diversity hires”. It’s how he got into and through West Point, it’s how he got that job and it will be how he gets his NEXT job somewhere as a cop…..and a menace to society.

  3. Thank god it wasn’t a coconut…

    I guess we will have to be alert when walking around oak trees when cops are present.

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