One would ask why

The US Army is spending any of it’s budget on Ukraine?

US Army says it will RUN OUT of money to protect Europe and Africa by May if Ukraine aid isn’t approved: Congress facing growing pressure to send more money to keep basic operations going


Not up to the Army leadership to spend money on Ukraine or anywhere else. That’;s up to our political leaders.

‘Twould seem to be misappropriation of funds unless they are tasked to go into battle for Ukraine or ordered to spend their ammo money or others supplies by the President (or congress) and to my knowledge, neither has happened.


3 thoughts on “One would ask why

  1. well somebody has to do it, seeing as how ukraine farmed some of its troops out to fight in africa.

    • Why should the US do it, and why is the Army doing it without authorization from Congress?

      • b/c congress is in on the scam. from pelosi to romney to clinton, all have children in ukraine making millions in graft not to mention the millions kicked back to the dnc. toss in millions from the military industrial corps and they have one lucrative racket going. why would they want to end that?

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