A lot of talk

but I’ll go¬† 7:3 that the “Truckers Boycott” never gets rolling and will fizzle rapidly.

It’s a sad thing, but there it is.


I hope I am wrong, but probably am not.

2 thoughts on “A lot of talk

  1. There are two ways of looking at information.

    One way is to look at something like the potential trucker’s boycott and see it as an advance tremor, a precursor of an earthquake. Folks who operate this way make changes to minimize the chances of, or the damage that can be done by a future earthquake.

    The other way to look at tremors of increasing frequency is to dismiss them as unimportant if do not surpass 7.0 on the Richter Scale and to assume that one’s world-view has been validated and to double down.

    I belong to the first school of thought. Many leftists are wedded to the second school.

  2. Sadly I must agree. Any boycott will be limited and short-lived.,

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