No better way to make me pass on by

When looking at the vendors wares at a gun show this weekend.


I mean flying a Nazi flag? Seriously. It’s one thing if you are selling antique memorabilia, I can (sorta) understand that…Not that I want anything like that, but some folks do and seem to think it is a collectible item.

But new manufacture Nazi flags?


Nope I won’t take your stuff (any of your stuff) even of you are giving it away with a coupon for free ice cream.

Hard pass.

I think that most of the patrons at the guns show agreed with me as well, as he was looking kinda lonely.

6 thoughts on “No better way to make me pass on by

  1. Funny how there are ALWAYS a few at every gun show, regardless of where it is.

  2. ran into that at a richmond, va. gun show. two tables on opposite ends, one manned by skinhead looking fellows, another manned by would-be black panthers. both had the exact same stuff, same diy labels etc, all just barely legal but they insisted they give me a card to send in for a catalog b/c “all the good stuff as back at the store”. the cards both had a very light pencil mark in the corner, r,va 201 and r,va 106. probably got my picture on hidden cam to go along.

  3. Yep, we have at least two vendors like that down here. One is Nazi memorabilia with some Russian collectibles/ cigarette lighters / art / toiletries / cutlery mixed in. The other is a bit more low key, WWII German military surplus. I do give them the credit that their prices for comparable items elsewhere are competitive – find a bayonet with scabbard for a more reasonable price.

  4. If my dad or my uncle had seen that, they likely would have gone to jail. They both saw enough nazis up close and personal to last a lifetime. Nazism is exactly what we’re fighting against today in the case of democrat socialists.

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